How to make 2018 your year and accomplish your goals!

Hi loves!

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season and a happy new year! I am so excited for 2018, I can just feel that it is going to be a good year!

Although people always set resolutions, they are often not successful as we are not in the mindset for change. Just because the year changes, doesn’t mean everything in our lives will automatically change. We have to MAKE it happen. For the start of the new year, I wanted to give you guys some tips on how to have a successful, fresh start and accomplish your goals!

Tip #1: Stay organized!

Ok this one may sound obvious but start the new year off right with organizing your months, weeks or even day by day. I currently use a daily planner to plan out what each day is going to entail and to remind me of what I have to do for everything from school to work to social events.

I also make A LOT of lists, for anything from homework to packing to grocery shopping. These help me stay so organized and keep me from forgetting anything. I leave these lists on my desk so I can always see it! Being organized is so important in order to de-clutter your life and reduce last-minute stress!

Tip #2: Practice self-care!

Self-care is so important for everybody’s mental and physical health! Depending on the person, self-care can be getting in a good workout, putting on a face mask, taking a bath, reading a book or simply being kinder to yourself. Setting aside time to focus on yourself and relax, even if it’s just for 30 minutes, is crucial for de-stressing after a long day or week.

Tip #3: Have an outlet for stress

Going along with the last tip, too much stress is such a bad thing for our bodies and mind. Having an outlet to let out that stress is so important and it can really help you calm down faster. When you get so stressed that you can’t seem to focus, working out, singing or dancing, writing or simply taking a drive can help reduce your stress level so you can return to your day. Try out a new approach and see which one works for you! For me, taking a long shower or driving really helps me get through a stressful situation.

Tip #4: Drink more water!

Everybody knows that drinking water is very important but most people are still depleting their bodies of water! Experts say we should drink half our body weight of water in ounces per day, so for example, if you weigh 160 pounds, you should drink 80 ounces of water a day. If I don’t drink enough water in the day, I usually feel more sluggish, tired and just overall dehydrated.

Tip #5: Start with a small change to prepare for big ones

It’s almost impossible for someone to make a huge life change instantly. Start with the small changes first, to set the mood for bigger changes. Switch up little things in your life like moving around your bedroom furniture, cutting your hair or getting rid of old clothes. These things will set the changes in motion and help you with the big changes. Like I said, change doesn’t instantly happen just because the year changed. You have to initiate it yourself!

I hope these tips help you guys have an amazing 2018!


– Nicole

How to: Practice Mindfulness and Stay Positive in a Negative World

Hi loves,

We all know there has been some tragic events going on in our world right now and I’ve personally found my day-to-day mindset affected by these tragedies. Even though things seem grim, it is important that we try to stay positive and LOVE!

I admit I am not perfect with this, I have my days. I am a firm believer in the law of attraction which basically means that if you think positively, you will experience positive things in your life. If you are negative and think the worst of things, that’s what will happen. As MODSUN says, “Your mentality is your reality.”

MODSUN, a rapper/musician, released his own book called, “Did I Ever Wake up?” It completely changed my perspective on life, happiness and positivity. He talks in the book about his own personal life experiences but he gives his opinions on positivity and how everything stems from YOU and YOUR thoughts. The audiobook is available on his album called, “Look Up,” which is awesome because he narrates the book himself and its cheaper than buying the actual book for $25. I listen to mine on Spotify! If you find yourself in a negative mindset and losing your grip on life, this book is amazing. I often re-listen to it when I feel myself drifting and it always helps me realize that positivity is key.

Recently, I’ve discovered affirmations and how much of an effect they can have on your mind. Affirmations are words or sentences that help practice happiness and positivity. You repeat these affirmations to yourself and if you keep doing it, you actually start believing it (sounds crazy I know!) For example, if you repeat to yourself every morning, “I am going to make today one of the best days of my life,” you will almost trick your brain into believing it. At first, I felt crazy repeating sentences like that out loud, but it actually helps! I love creating new affirmations for different reasons and times, like for in the morning, at night, when I’m feeling sad or unmotivated. I really recommend finding some affirmations you like online, or making up your own, and repeat at least one, a couple of times a day and I promise it’ll completely change your mindset on life!

One thing that has probably helped me the most is writing my thoughts down in a journal. If I ever feel scatter-brained or can’t focus because I’m going through something difficult, I write down whatever is on my mind and it gets it out of my head and onto the paper. After, I feel relieved and ready to move on so I can continue with my day. I often do this at night so I can forget about what happened that day and I can sleep peacefully.

One thing that I’ve struggled to make a habit, but think helps with my overall state of mind is meditation. I first decided to start meditating when I was scrolling through Pinterest and saw a post about the positive effects of meditation. I tried it that same night, just by steadying my breathing and I was pretty unsuccessful (not that I knew that at the time.) I kept meditating every night with the help of this app called Headspace and through listening to guided meditations on YouTube. Even though I have the hang of it, I still use YouTube for guided mediations because I find them the most effective. If you need a new way of relaxing after a long day or want to be more mindful, I definitely recommend meditation!

I hope some of these tips help you guys stay positive and practice mindfulness!

Thanks for reading!


– Nicole