Life Update

Hi loves,

It has been almost an entire year since I posted on here and I wasn’t sure how to start again! To jump right back into blogging, I wanted to give everyone a little life update.

Since January, a lot has changed! My spring semester was absolutely insane, with going to school full-time, interning and figuring out what I wanted to do for my last 2 years of college. I was in a pretty confusing place in life. I was unsure of the future and I was struggling through the present, trying to figure it all out.

When I initially applied to FIT, I intended to apply into the Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing Bachelors program. (If you didn’t know, FIT is a 2+2 school so you graduate with your Associate’s Degree and often, people switch majors for their last 2 years for their Bachelor’s Degree.) In the spring, I had a change of heart and knew I wasn’t 100% set on pursuing a career in the cosmetics industry so I decided to continue in the Advertising and Marketing Communications program.

I also decided to pursue two minors, one in Psychology and the other in Film and Media Studies and I am loving both! In May, I finished my first internship, graduated with my Associate’s Degree (Cum Laude!!!) and turned 20 years old, officially entering adulthood.

Right now, my dream career would be working at a magazine or doing PR or marketing for the entertainment/film industry but that all could change in an instant. There is so much pressure on young adults to have their lives all figured out and I realized a lot of that pressure is put on by ourselves. I find myself scrolling through social media, comparing my life to celebrities or popular influencers who seem to have their lives all figured out which is not at all realistic. It’s ok if I keep changing my career path direction or what I like the most (or least) about my studies or if I don’t like them at all! Your 20s are all about figuring yourself out and who you want to be and it’s ok to be confused.

I hope you enjoyed this life update, even though it strays from my normal posts. I am going to be posting content more frequently, with the start of the new year. I hope everyone had an amazing 2018!



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